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Step one DRIHMS

EU project to enable collaboration between ICT and HMR scientific communities to design a powerful e-Infrastructure

DRIHMS Fact Sheet

Step two DRIHM

EU project to develop a prototype e-Science environment to provide end-to-end HMR services at the European level

DRIHM Fact Sheet

And now DRIHM2US

EU project to promote the cooperation between Europe the USA, both sides of the Atlantic, to develop a joint/common HMR e-Infrastructure
DRIH2US Fact Sheet

The DRIHM and DRIHM2US projects are present at CPExpo2014, the global expo-conference on Community Protection, 9-11 December 2014, Genova Italy 

CPExpo is an event of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. A delegation of the DRIHM and DRIHM2US disseminates the outcomes of the projects with posters, videos and demos in an official exhibition stand.


CPExpo Background

Security is a societal challenge, and concerns the protection of citizens, society and economy, as well as Europe’s assets, infrastructures and services, the prosperity of everyone, the political stability and well-being. Shortly, security is protection of the Community, in its wider sense. Malfunction and disruptions, both intentional or accidental can have a strong impact with high economic, societal and even politic costs.

CPExpo is the answer to the exigency of an exhibition, which provides visibility and business opportunities to those industrial solutions and the newest innovation enabling communities to feel safe. Among its objectives, CPExpo aims at:

  1. offering an integrated “snapshot” of the future, as regards both risks and solutions;
  2. providing an up-to-date overview of the technologies, systems and solutions available for Critical Infrastructure protection;
  3. promoting international debate and cooperation between and among public and private security stakeholders.

Following the positive experiences of previous Security Research Events organised in Germany (Security, Essen), in Spain (“HOMSEC 2013”) and in France (MILIPOL), the European Commission’s Directorate General Enteprise and Industry will organise the European Security Research Conference 2014 within CPExpo.

DRIHM2US kick-off meeting

On November 8th, at the LRZ Super Computing Center in Garching (Munich) took place the kick-off meeting. The presentation from the partners are available:

Overview of the DRIHM2US activities, click here

Overview of the SCHIM project, click here

The DRIHMS & DRIHM legacy, click here

The SCIHM project

The 7th Framework Programme

This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No: RI-313122


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